Public Subsidy and PCR

Where does your money go?

As our House candidates campaign and fundraise, there are two important things you need to know as a voter and potential donor. The MN state legislature has two programs that are law, that help you as a voter support candidates, and help our candidates raise money for their campaigns. It’s a little confusing, so let’s break it down.

PCR (Political Campaign Refund Program)

Each year, eligible MN voters can be refunded up to $75 ($150 for married couples) for money they contribute to state-level political campaigns or organizations. This is a state law that allows you to support candidates at no cost to you.

When you donate, you get a receipt. You submit that with your PCR Application and get your money back in a few weeks from the State of Minnesota.

Public Subsidy Program

Each year when you file your MN state taxes, you can check a box to have money go to state-level political candidates. That money is then pooled and distributed among candidates who signed the Public Subsidy Agreement (PSA) when they filed to run for office (regardless of political affiliation). It’s a few thousand dollars that a candidate can use to support their campaign.

Here’s the time-critical part: In order to receive the Public Subsidy money, candidates are required to raise a threshold of donations: For House candidates, it’s $1,500 in increments of $50 or less before the deadline of July 22.

How Your FREE Donation Helps Candidates

EXAMPLE 1: You donate $75 to your favorite House candidate. You get refunded $75, and the candidate counts $50 of that toward their Public Subsidy Agreement dollars.

EXAMPLE 2: You donate $37.50 to each of two House candidates. You get refunded $75, and each candidate counts $37.50 of that toward their Public Subsidy Agreement dollars.

EXAMPLE 3: You donate however much you can to one or more candidates. $5, $10, $20 or more. You get refunded up to $75, and each candidate counts your contribution toward their Public Subsidy Agreement dollars.


You are only allowed one PCR application per year, so if you donate to multiple candidates, wait until you have PCR receipts from each before you submit your application for a refund.

The PCR Refund Application can be submitted on or before April 15, 2025 for contributions made in 2024.

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