We Can Win Minnesota if We Move Minneapolis Red!

For decades, we have simply forfeited the largest city in Minnesota to the Democrats (DFL) — we haven’t even competed. In 2022, at the MNGOP State Convention, we amended the MNGOP Constitution, allowing the five Minneapolis BPOUs to dissolve and reform as the Minneapolis Republican Party (MRP).

Last year we did it. We got rid of all five BPOUs and created one unified Minneapolis Republican Party. Now we have the ability to organize volunteers and resources to find potentially thousands of voters and activists in a city that has been pushed to its limit. Minneapolitans have never been so ready to abandon the DFL.

This summer, we are launching a targeted system of email, social media, phone, canvassing and door-knocking campaigns, followed by a massive ballot-chasing initiative.

Help Us Change the Course of Minnesota!


The majority of eligible voters in Minneapolis don't vote and have never been approached by the Republican Party. It's time to change that!

Why This is Our Moment

There is now one Minneapolis Republican Party that can organize the whole city — across multiple elections. Before, there were five BPOUs named by their Senate District — that was confusing and off-putting to people new to the political process. 

Normal people are realizing that something has to be done and are open to new ideas. Many new business groups have formed to fix the city — we can work with them. Volunteers and candidates are energized by our new organization, and we are growing quickly and getting positive attention.

People love this city and aren’t willing to let it fall. Other big cities like Seattle are figuring it out and we can learn from them.

For the first time we have:

  • A single Republican Party, not 5 disparate Senate Districts
  • A physical office with training space, centrally located in the Minneapolis North Loop district
  • Built the largest volunteer team in decades
  • Raised thousands of dollars in small donations
  • Elected Ward Chairs at Caucus
  • Developed large, functional outreach teams
  • Multiple committees working daily using advanced comms technology
  • Our own advanced voter management database

What We’re Doing This Year

  • Introducing thousands of Minneapolitans to the Republican Party for the first time
  • Producing large-scale email, social media, phone, door-knocking and Voter ID campaigns
  • Researching and listening to citizens to identify issues and motivations
  • Finding disengaged voters
  • Promoting and training candidates
  • Finding and coordinating Election Judges
  • Sharing resources with and growing Republican affiliates
  • Mapping out the right precincts to target first with street teams
  • Registering new and disenfranchised voters
  • Running Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV) and ballot-chasing activities throughout the year

What We Can Do in 2026

Next year, the entire Minneapolis City Council and the mayor are up for election. The MRP can assist in finding candidates and supporting their campaign operations and organizing through training, data and events. Everything we do this year will be done with the 2026 election in mind. City Council races are won with astoundingly low voter turnout. The Minneapolis Republican Party can have a huge impact on the 2026 election with the right candidates and messaging.

Even though our core team is experienced and knowledgable, we are essentially creating a Republican Party in the state’s largest city from scratch, and we need your help.

Minneapolis Republican Party Donate

Your contribution, no matter how big or how small, helps us do the following:

  • Maintain our centrally-located physical presence in Minneapolis that can be used for meetings, training and events
  • Maintain our advanced voter management database
  • Create engaging social media advertising
  • Create and distrbiute literature to advance our cause
  • Maintain our website
  • Provide volunteer and candidate training
  • Secure staff for GOTV efforts
  • Purchase t-shirts for volunteers to promote who we are


Minneapolis Republican Party Volunteer

As a volunteer you can:

  • Help identify events and activities around Minneapolis to keep all citizens informed
  • Assist with voter identification
  • Register new and disenfranchised voters
  • Assist with GOTV efforts
  • Provide content for our newsletter
  • Participate in door-knocking and lit dropping
  • Put up a yard sign to promote and support candidates
  • Attend events to meet other people and share the vision of the MRP
  • Help us keep the momentum going!


This is the last straw, this is the last chance to restore our republic. Look at the inflation, look at the border, Look at the crime, look at the wars, look at everything that has gone wrong, is this what you want for future generations, is this what you want for yourself?"

The Managed Decline of Minneapolis

On April 12, Shawn Holster, Chair of the Minneapolis Republican Party (MRP), appeared on the Garage Logic podcast to talk about the “managed decline” of Minneapolis, and how the MRP plans to turn that around.

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