Statement of the combined Minneapolis and Congressional District 5 Republican Party Committees on the Minneapolis City Council’s anti-Israel Resolution

Minneapolis City Hall

Our newly-elected City Council recently sparked controversy by passing an anti-Israel resolution. Rather than focusing on its actual job, the Council has decided to wade into international affairs. The resolution calls for a ceasefire in the Middle East, but also calls for a cessation of American aid to Israel.  The Council’s false equivalence between Israel’s self-defense and the war crimes of Hamas is offensive and wrong.  Ironically, the Council’s approach would likely prolong the suffering of both the Palestinians and the Israelis. We are lucky the Council’s lack of competence is matched by its lack of authority.

The Minneapolis City Council is faced with serious problems at home. These problems call for a serious and thoughtful approach. That approach is obviously lacking at City Hall. To be fair, we offer our compliments to Council Members LaTrisha Vetaw, Linea Palmisano, and Michael Rainville for their courage and good sense in opposing this resolution. Mayor Frey’s opposition and veto of the resolution is also commendable.

We urge the City Council to refocus its efforts on the issues under its jurisdiction, and leave empty virtue-signaling to others.


Shawn Holster. Chair, Minneapolis Republican Party

Alec Beck. Chair, Congressional District 5 Republican Party

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